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Chaos is a possibility.

Disorder is entropy.

Chaos is any state of disorder.

Both order and disorder exist within chaos.


      The 2o2o pandemic caused feelings of uncertainty, lack of order, and a sense of lost control in the world. Like many others, I was afraid of confronting the world where the old systems and habits were suddenly disrupted. Therefore, I went on a mission - to seek order. During my explorations of the industrial zones in The Hague, I got fascinated by the clusters of loose objects arranged in particularly organised manners. There was a visible relationship between work and order; where there was work, transitions from disorder started to appear.

          The ability to encounter and photograph the order became a counterbalance to my inner entropic world. The clusters of objects that had the potential to end up in random states, yet they ended up organized. With this project, I am not only seeking to restore the balance between order and disorder but also to explore the boundaries of chaos.

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