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"Our Call" aims to offer a space to the voices of those who felt like they have not been heard while questioning the current societal ability to collectively heal.

Childhood abuse, domestic violence, neglect, or discrimination are examples of experiences that have traumatic effects on individuals. With pandemic, global warming, or sexual harassment in institutions, traumatisation is also happening on a collective scale and can be seen as a pervasive problem in today's society (as well as at this academy). The power of healing as a collective is still not seen as a priority, however, when individuals come together to share their experiences, stories, and voices and support one another, they build a sense of community and notion of hope which is particularly important for those who have experienced trauma in a societal context, such as systemic racism, sexism, or discrimination. Within this project I am not seeking to heal trauma but rather encouraging collectivity and investigating the proposition and a metaphor of how to deal with trauma through harnessing the power of new technology.  


The artwork itself consists of two parts – the first, a collection of voices in form of images from series of sessions that guide a group through an experience of release of traumatic energy where visuals are generated based on screaming vocal release. Furthermore, more voices are collected in form of vocal recordings of poems as well as writings of women and queers who are currently going through healing processes. These are further implemented in a video that is the second part of the project.

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