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Missing golden fields, deep forests, lakes, the solitary trees of my homeland. The Slavic soil I rose from. The places I felt truly myself. The places I always found my genius at. The places of peace and rest. The places where none of the worlds mattered. The places where one did not need to outperform or do any better. The places I secured the relationship between my body and nature.


"Uprising" is a journey of finding a bond with a new homeland in the place where nature ceases to exist. It is a search for a place that would allow a woman stripped from the soil of her birth to find her safe space. What, however, happens when a place like this cannot be found in the real world? This search results in a creation of a dream-like fantasy that offers a distant memory of what was before merged with what will one day arise - a digital body, a digital landscape, a digital motherland substitute.

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