My name is Hani but I am definitely NOT JUST HANIONE.

I am a visual communicator based in The Hague who strives to connect art and communication in order to deliver meaningful content and create memorable experiences. I am a curious creator who loves exploring new possibilities of expressing herself by photo shooting, video filming, painting or manipulating reality by playing around with digital tools. I am absolutely fascinated by the power colors which is strongly reflected in my current photography work. 


Photo shoots are not JUST about the

photographs, THEY ARE about the whole experience

of being photographed.


During my photo shoots, I focus on the process. I put a strong emphasis on the photo shoot experience since I believe photography is not only about the outcome but about the adventure and thrill of creating something that has never been created before. I want everyone involved to share this joy and remember the photo shoot as something exciting and filled with fun.  


Apart from art, I also truly love people and I am always curious about their stories and passions, therefore, if I am currently not creating or exploring, I am probably initiating conversation with a stranger on the street because of his bright yellow socks matching his hat.