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Nostalgia for a time never seen, and for places never been, Culture Vulture is the embodiment of analytical lyrics, 90’s driven fuzz guitars, and the free-flowing narrative form of the 60’s poets. Relationships between people, themselves and the world are scrutinized and analyzed against a backdrop of overdriven guitars which is highlighted in their first music video - Black Sea Gold. Based on the band's values and the message they want to deliver to their audience, I created images that can serve for the brand's promotion and press kit.

Black Sea Gold is a song by Culture Vulture written in the first days of lockdown loneliness for which I created a music video. Focusing on distant memories, the song encapsulates the summer nostalgia everyone always longs back for, sitting in a car driving past endless wheat fields and the anxiety of missing the past, fearing the future, and not being able to cope with the present. They aim to play on a canvas of the summer countryside of the Czech Republic finalizing with a spoken word poem by one of its vocalists.


Additionally, a series of three cover art for three singles of the band was created in a consistent visual style. Moreover, I created two visualizers for the singles that were displayed during Culture Vulture's show in The Hague.

Hani Chladilová @notjusthanione
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