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Just imagine hating yourself so much you keep rejecting your own body. Your face. Your physicality. Disproportional. Distorted. Wrong. Defected….

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) – a psychological obsessive-compulsive disease that causes visual and emotional processing deficiencies and at the same time impairs neurocognitive functioning when the patients believe to be just unacceptably deformed.

In recent years this disorder has become even more common, especially amongst the Millenials and Generation Z, which is very much tied to the rise of over-edited bodies, beautifying filters, or artificial intelligence that rates and favors beauty on social media. Since the brain cannot easily determine what is real and what has been artificially altered, therefore, the unreal bodies and faces set the new norm. Social media, as a place tempting to constant comparison, makes people become more and desperate so they seek ways to come as close to this standard as possible. The standard that causes women to look more and more alike. The standard that is within a reach - quickly achieved by visiting a - more than ever -affordable beauty clinic. The standard that contributes to the rise of BDD. The standard, hungry for making even more money, screaming to the audience:


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