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a space for voices that could not be heard


Video art stills & Installation of both video art and the interactive wall  at The Royal Academy, NL

Our Call is a body of work that aims to offer a space to the voices of those who feel like they could not be heard, especially women and the queer community while questioning the societal capability to heal trauma. In the increasingly individualist environment, the power of healing as a collective is still not seen as a priority, however, when individuals come together to share their experiences and support one another, we build a sense of community and notion of hope which is particularly important for those who have experienced trauma in a shared societal context. Within this artwork and the installation itself, I am encouraging togetherness and investigating the proposition and a metaphor of how to deal with trauma through harnessing the power of new technology, self-expression, and sharing stories. 


A highlight from the video art


The installation consists of two parts that can be exhibited stand-alone or together; The first part is a projection space displaying video art of collected readings of writing, poems, and notes of the FLINTA+ community on healing. The visuals consist of animation live-generated based on scream sessions with groups of women and archival footage.  The second part is an interactive photo wall of collective notes on healing where the audience is encouraged to write and share their own voices of what they could not express before. With the progression of time, the wall is filled with writings that make the audience feel seen and relate to the journey of others.


Notes from the collective wall of healing voices

Screenshot 2023-10-10 at

The image wall during an exhibition at The Grey Space in the Middle, NL

A selection of photography representing the author's own healing journey that can be seen at the interactive wall 

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